10 Ways to Reconnect with the Holy Quran and Change the Your Life

10 Ways to Reconnect with the Quran and Change the Your Life

Holy Quran | When you hear or read about Online Quran Teaching Academy other people’s Iman highs and lows, you may be perplexing, unsure of what they mean or how to relate to them.

You believe in God and that He created the Earth, the Universe, and everything on it in His power. However, thinking is one thing; feeling connected to worship and the Quran is something entirely different. You recognize the Online Quran Teaching Academy’s significance, but you cannot connect with it and relate on a deeply personal level.

People expect an instant and magical connection with the Quran, one that will carry them through thick and thin and last forever. People nowadays talk about it as if you have a relationship or you don’t, which makes many of us feel elemenated or guilty when we have ‘Iman lows.’

The Prophet’s Companions (PBUH)

The Prophet’s Companions (PBUH) (may Allah be please with them) were completely honest about their highs and lows. The Prophet (PBUH) not only reassured them that this is normal, but he also stressed the importance of staying connected to the Quran to feel it.

I have a few suggestions to help us establish a connection with the Quran, which we will be able to maintain and strengthen over time if we are consistent. Over time, we will develop a deep love for God’s words, and we will feel lost and empty when we do not pick up the Quran and read it or when we do not put some on to play and listen to.

Bring out the Quran! Holy Quran

This is the first step, but it is also the most difficult for many! Take it off your bookshelf, clean it up, and keep it close at hand (may be place it on your coffee table or near table). Reacquaint yourself with the feel of the Quran in your hands and the sight of it in your immediate vicinity. If it’s always visible to you, you’re more likely to pick it up and read it.

Start Reading

Begin with a few verses or a half-page if necessary, but read every day. Remember that consistency is essential for habit formation.

I recommend making a regular time to read the Quran (for example, after Fajr, Maghrib, or Isha prayers), or just as you sit down and are about to turn on Use an app instead if you are not ritually pure (i.e., lack wudu).

Begin maintaining a Quran journal | Holy Quran

Quran Journaling is a fantastic new trend that I’ve seen people talk about. It entails studying small portions of what you read to better understand and relate to it. You could, for example, read one verse and then make notes on what it means, why it is important to you and your life, and how you can apply it. Some people like to annotate, color, highlight their notes, and make visual infographics. If you have children, this is fantastic!

I keep it simple and jot down verses Online Quran Teaching Academy that resonate or speak to me as I read, so experiment to find out what works best for you.

Obtain the Correct Tajweed

In addition to reading and contemplation, the Quran is a book meant to be recited. Make a concerted effort to learn tajweed (pronunciation rules) by taking classes, finding a teacher, or watching videos. Make an effort! It would not be easy at first, but you will come to appreciate the beauty of reading with time.

Conduct Tafseer research

The Quran is God’s word, and since God’s words are profound and timeless, understanding them necessitates delving deeper into the meanings behind the words.

It would be best to investigate it, whether you join a local study group or watch online tafsir videos. You’ll learn why the verses were revealed, as well as the historical context and rulings that went with them. It will not only assist you in understanding why the verses say what they say, but it will also assist you to understand how they can apply to your own life.

Study Arabic

Like the previous suggestion, learning Arabic is one of the best ways to connect with the Quran’s deeper meanings. Don’t be alarm! I understand how intimidating it sounds, but take it one step at a time.

Take part in a Quran Study Group.

Holy Quran | I acknowledge how difficult it can be to find the motivation to do this independently, so, the best advice I will give is to join a local study group. Inquire about what is available at your local Masjid, youth group, or student society, and attend regularly. As a result of the experience, you’ll make a lot of new friends.

Download an App

It can not be easy to find the time to sit down and open a physical copy of the Quran because we are constantly moving. This should not be Use to justify skipping a few verses per day.

Find a suitable app for listening to the Quran (I use Quran Pro), save it to your phone’s home screen, and open it and read it whenever you have time.

Pay attention to the Quran being recited.

As previously stated, the Online Quran Tutors by Rate is a book that is both recited and read. One of its wonders is the variety of ways you can replicate it. Aside from reading the Quran, I’ve discovered that listening to it regularly is the most effective way to fall in love with it. This will not only help you with Tajweed, but it will also give you a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility while you listen. Jibril Wahab is someone whose music I enjoy listening to.

Begin memorization

Once you’ve established a better connection with the Quran, I’d recommend making a habit of memorizing small portions of it. Begin with the 30th Juz’ (section) and a few small Surahs to get started. You will have more verses to recite during Salah but revising these Surahs will keep you connected to the Quran.


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