Athenahealth EHR: Features, Reviews, & Pricing in 2021

Athenahealth EHR: Features, Reviews, & Pricing in 2021

Athena Medical Records

Aside from robust EMR software, Athena medical records also include other modules that are equally superb. Below are Athenahealth’s five modules.

  • athenaClinicals: athenaClinicals is software designed to help you improve clinical control, medical efficiency, and revenue streams.
  • athenaClarity: athenaClarity is a unique web-based business intelligence platform designed to provide health care analytics quickly and easily.
  • athenaCoordinator: This module makes it easier to collaborate with your patients, medical staff, and other healthcare professionals.
  • athenaCommunicator: It allows you to conduct consultation conference calls with other practitioners and patients seamlessly, instead of relying on third-party apps.
  • athenaCollector: It is a practice management tool that takes over all your time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your patients.

In this article, we’ll explore Athenahealth EHR, a top-tier EHR software, and how it might be the perfect software for your practice.

Key Features of Athena health EMR

Patient Portal

A patient portal can make a significant difference in how you conduct your clinic. This feature enables you to minimize the number of administrative chores that you would otherwise have to perform. Your patients can use a patient portal to access a portal that assists them in managing their treatment with you. It enables them to make appointments, pay bills, and stay in touch with you at all times. Overall, the portal allows you to save time because the program handles all of your tasks.


The dashboard function in Athenahealth EHR allows you to go through the software’s different features at your leisure. With Athena EHR, you get access to a top-of-the-line dashboard feature. Which will enable you to get acquainted with it quickly and reduces the learning curve that frequently in order to introduce new software into your firm.

Mobile App

You may easily download and utilize a mobile app with Athena health EMR. The mobile application is accessible to your handheld device, allowing you to use it from anywhere. In addition, the mobile app will enable you to manage your practice while on the move. According to multiple software reviews on various sources online, the Athena mobile app alone is worth the Athenahealth EMR cost. The amount of ease and convenience provided by this app is unparalleled, and we strongly advise you to obtain it because it will give you a great deal of comfort.

Appointment Scheduling

Another critical aspect of establishing a successful medical business is seamless appointment scheduling. Athena EHR software allows you to arrange as many appointments as possible in a single day. This function enables you to quickly maximize your day and ensure that you see as many patients as possible in a day. In addition, you can significantly expand your practice with Athenahealth EHR since adding additional patients to your training helps you grow.

Meaningful Use Compliance

Meaningful use is a set of requirements establish by the US government to ensure that.  EMR software offers the best possible treatment to patients while also enhancing clinic efficiency and productivity. Clinics and practices that adhere to meaningful use guidelines may be eligible for incentives to increase their work at the clinic.

Athenahealth EMR is meaningful use certified and includes the Meaningful Use principles throughout their documentation process, beneficial for you.

Claims Management

Rather than having to do the job of reimbursement management, the Athena medical records team evaluates the status of current criteria for claims filing and updates that with information about your medical practice to reduce the chances of denied claims. Moreover, the professionals at Athena EHR keep an eye on any modifications in the foundation of government programs to make sure that your claims are processing correctly.


With Athenahealth EMR, you may join a network that spans the country and is facilitated by software. You can then examine patients and their data in a more thorough and streamlined manner. Aside from this, the information given to other medical health practitioners is choose to be appropriate to the data they require. So they don’t have to sift through bulky files to make critical medical judgments.

The patients can also use the Athenahealth EHR software to connect with their medical team across the panel actively. And obtain data in a concise and easy-to-understand manner as part of this interoperability process.

Digital Prescriptions

With an e-prescription feature, you may electronically prescribe medication and authorize refills for your patients at any time without having them visit your medical practice. This feature is helpful since it enables your patient to experience the benefits of not coming into your office to get a prescription paper. Besides that, Athena EHR Software’s e-prescription technology searches for and caters to any drug interactions you should be aware of. Ensuring your patients’ safety and security.

Athena health EMR Reviews

we might be able to help. Athena EHR has a decent rating of 3.5 stars or more on most platforms, which is extremely good given its hundreds of reviews. In addition, Athenahealth EMR is one of the most well-known EMR software providers. And there are numerous reviews available online that you may read.

The charting component, which some customers allege is not as powerful as the firm advertises, is a regular complaint about the product. Some customers also say that patient charting requires a lot of effort and scrolling on your part. While you search for the appropriate options and customize the template to your needs, which can be highly frustrating!

Athena health EMR Pricing

Most healthcare software is more expensive than the pricing suggests and delivers significantly less than what is promise. However, Athenahealth EHR is a high-yielding investment.

Your subscription with Athena EHR cost, the integrated suite of services, is based on a percentage of collections. Because each firm has different aims, the company personalizes your approach to fulfill them. In addition, it recognizes your requirements and provides a tailored quote. For more information, you can contact the vendor.


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