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Best Place to Visit in Michoacan

Michoacan is a beautiful country in Mexico, and a perfect collection of amazing cities and tourist attractions is a must-visit. From Morelia to Uruapan and many other cities that fall under the list of Pueblos Magicos and Mountain Towns are worth a tour. This is why we recommend you make Allegiant Airlines booking once to this unexplored city and see the best it has to offer. We have also prepared a list of all the top places and things to do when you are there.

The capital city of Michoacan is a very famous and visited tourist attraction. This palace got its name after José María Morelos, who was the hero during the time of the Mexican War of Independence. Anyone visiting here for the first time must start his trip from the very famous Morelia Cathedral, which is considered the most beautiful attraction. If you want to explore the entire city, you can head downtown. The whole street is gorgeous to look at. Along with that, you can learn the historical events of this place at the various museums built and maintained here over the years.

  • Patzcuaro

This white and red city, located by the lake and neighboring Morelia, is a beautiful place to visit when in Michoacan. Every house you will see here is uniformly painted red and white, and this is what makes this city different from any other place in Mexico. The best part is the backdrop. Sky-high mountains surround the place and will leave your jaws droppings with their beauty.  Make sure to attend small gatherings and events happening around the city and take a closer look at their culture. You can purchase many handicraft items for your loved ones made by the locals themselves.

  • Pueblos Magicos and Mountain Towns

Pueblos Magicos and Mountain Towns was an initiative by the tourist board of Mexica under wh some towns were rewarded special attention. They attract the maximum tourism in the country now. All the places with amazing natural beauty, rich culture, museums holding the deep history of the country, and other places that add value to the country fall under the list. Make sure to visit at least some of the sites under the list; they are worthy of all your time and money. The list includes Cuitzeo, Santa Clara del Cobre, and other such beautiful places of Michoacan.

  • Uruapan

Many tourists get easily attracted to Uruapan because of the very famous Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. This beautiful sanctuary is located on the outskirts of the city and is a very calming place to be. People who love natural settings love this place. This city is one of the oldest cities in Mexico and hence holds ancient architecture and much evidence of the historical events of the country. In addition to that, the city is also known for its avocado farming and expertise. You can try your hands on some of the freshest avocados here and even buy some and take them home for your loved ones.

  • Michoacán Cuisine

One thing to definitely try when in Michoacan is their local cuisine. Michoacán Cuisine is so vast that you will find new dishes in every city you visit. Spanish ingredients and flavors mainly inspire their cuisine. With all the local produce of Michoacan, it also impacts the food they offer. Chefs use fresh ingredients, sometimes right from their kitchen gardens, that add a special flavor to every dish. Make sure to try their avocado and berry drinks and desserts as they are one of the largest exporters of both and have a wide variety.

  • Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

If you are visiting Michoacan in winter, there is no chance that you must miss seeing the UNESCO Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Every winter, hundreds of thousands of colorful butterflies migrate to the country, and most of them take shelter at this reserve. Along with the beautiful butterflies, the trees also turn golden and red during this season. Once you reach here, you won’t want to leave anytime soon. Soak in the beauty in all the time you have and make sure that the best time to visit here is between November to March.

  • Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday tradition of Mexico that the city organizes every year at the end of October or in the first week of November. If you are planning a vacation to Santa Fe de la Laguna, try to make plans during this time. This festival is the best way to see real Mexican traditions. In fact, this town was an inspiration for the Disney movie Coco. If you attend this festival, you will see many fun activities happening around and for you to try your hands on.

Michoacan might not be very famous as a tourist attraction, but once you will book your Volaris Flight Tickets and visit this place, you will realize how underrated it is


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