Create a Tinder Clone App and enable instant swiping

People matchmaking with tinder app

With more singles across the world, the urge to get committed is also increasing. September 2012 was the turning point for an American geosocial networking platform. It was none other than Tinder. More than 9 years since its emergence, the dating app has created 55 billion matches for users. Like, Dislike, Interact, and Meet either virtually or physically are the 4 steps by which Tinder has created magic. Entrepreneurs can also develop a Tinder clone app and change how people get into a relationship. 

The unique aspects of an online dating app solution like Tinder 

  • Automatic photo verification – Credibility is the biggest strength of a Tinder clone platform. With access to affordable smartphones and rapid Internet penetration, image verification of users is necessary. Likewise, netizens ought to be transparent. They must undergo selfie verification and get a blue tick. Hence, members will get more matches. 
  • Common passions section – Cyber surfers can add details of their interests and likes on Tinder. They can include passions such as fitness, listening to music, traveling, watching movies, etc. Therefore, they would receive matches from people who share similar interests. 
  • Emergency services – Tinder offers the right balance between virtual and in-real-life dating. People who meet online can chat for a while. Later, they can protect their private chats by tapping the timeline button. This is applicable when two people decide to meet in real life (IRL). If any person faces an uncomfortable experience, they can tap the emergency button. Techpreneurs can add this feature to their Tinder-like dating platform and ensure a secure experience for people across sections of society.
  • Rewind mechanism – Sometimes users may have missed out on a match due to their busy schedules. However, a Tinder-like platform prevents that problem via the Rewind option. Users can check out the previous likes and nopes received. 
  • Question and Answer – “The journey of a 1000 miles begin with a single step”. Users can make the first move now by answering different queries. They should press any of the choices in a few questions. Flexibility is also available as they can tap the Maybe Later button and switch off the Q&A option as per their wishes. Digipreneurs can collect all these results and make the right decisions.
  • Passport – Go local, regional, domestic, or international? A virtual dating platform like Tinder does it all by offering the Passport option. Users can turn on the GPS in their mobiles and access matches around their areas. Moreover, they can access matches globally by pressing the Passport button. This will give them access to people beyond their geographical region. 

How does an online dating app solution like Tinder function? 

  • Users need to register on the virtual dating app. They can link their email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts to join the matchmaking platform.  
  • The admin of a dating platform like Tinder will check their background. 
  • After in-depth verification, they would be onboarded onto the dating app. 
  • Registered members can utilize a variety of filters. They can adjust ranges related to age, gender, and location. This will give them an advantage in meeting the right type of person. 
  • Users can tap the Top Picks section. They can explore different panels like Recently Active, Common Passions, and Recommended. 
  • How do these matches and suggestions happen? Tinder uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Data of users is collected in a pattern-like format. This is assembled in a certain structure. Information is analyzed instantly and results of matches and profiles are generated. 
  • Users can swipe left or right after seeing a user’s profile. They can reject a profile after viewing their background, occupation, location, and photos. 
  • Besides that, they can kindle a new spark by swiping right on a fellow user’s profile. After the swiped person also likes back their profile, members can start texting, do voice calls, interact via video, and share emojis, GIFs, snaps, and stories. 
  • They can continue their conversation virtually and also meet physically based on mutual consent. 

How does Tinder intertwine travel and dating?

Dating apps and ride-hailing platforms have gone hand-in-hand now. Wonder how? Tinder has collaborated with Lyft for helping matches to book cabs. 

Users can click the Explore section. They can press the Window like icon and start swiping people on Tinder. Prospective users can also make a swipe if they like the profile of a user. Simultaneously, it syncs with the Lyft vehicle booking platform. 

Members would purchase a specific number of Lyft credits after they get one match. They should enter details like the date and time of booking the cab, name of the person, value of credits, and location. 

The received person will get a cab booking link after they sync their email address and phone number. Besides that, the sender of the link can select either a one-way or roundtrip. Is it affordable? Yes, in case the prospective date does not use the credits, they would receive a refund for the same.

This brilliant move by Tinder has given it an edge against competitors in the market. Further, this will increase the number of active users for the American platform. It will also help netizens to seamlessly switch between a physical and virtual dating experience. 

Wrapping Up

Iconic is the right word to describe the success of Tinder. On the cusp of turning 10 since its launch, the platform led the trend of online dating. Besides that, the geosocial networking app’s revenue increased by 26% in the second quarter of 2021. The number of paying subscribers rose to 9.6 million, a 17% growth from 2020. 

Entrepreneurs can also make it big in the market now. They can launch an online dating app identical to Tinder and march ahead by miles.  


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