Gojek Clone App Cost And Super App Development Phases


The rise of Super App is actively trending across the globe. Super app like Gojek Clone is described all-in-one platform where the consumer can pick any service of their choice. This is everyday app includes several functions and features.

The Super App mobile users are happy using the services because it is quick, easy, and simple – can be done in few steps. The app is developed on a scalable technology that allows you to grow and expand without spending extra on your future expansions.

Do You Need A Super App?

Do you need to build a Super App like Gojek? Yes.

With the new advanced level features and functionalities, Super Apps are getting more attention from the users. It is no denying the fact that an app like Gojek is super convenient, comfortable to use, and makes life simpler.

Benefits Of Building Super App like Gojek For Your Business:

  • It provides all one experience under a single app platform
  • 70+ wide range of services on a single app
  • Saves your phone storage space
  • Get real-time data analysis and reporting on the users’ behavior
  • More business opportunities and avenues for the entrepreneurs
  • Less investment more profits

Technology Stack Used in Gojek Clone App and its Development Process

Gojek Clone App is developed by experienced developers working on the latest technologies. With years of experience and skills they are putting in, is to produce nothing but the Best Gojek Clone App.

The technology widely used in Gojek Clone App includes:

Swift, JQuery, MySQL, iOS, JAVA, Android, Flutter, MongoDB, Socket Cluster , BootStrap, Node, and PHP.

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The possibilities of the app becoming successful will majorly depend on the latest technology you use. Since Gojek Clone includes multiple complex things that require to be in sync and streamline and function in neat order, your app must be built on the latest technological stack for your app like Gojek.

Step by Step Gojek Clone App Development Process:

  • Step 1: Choosing the app and taking a demo

When you choose to build Gojek Clone App,  know about the product if it is suitable for your business. Every business owner is developing and you too wish to launch should not be the case. Think from the user’s point of view of how your app is going to help them in reducing their daily hassles.

Once you have decided to go with Gojek App Clone, take the demo test in the live environment to know how the app is working.

  • Step 2: Customizing Gojek Clone App

Once you have okayed the base of the On-Demand Multiservices App, check for the features and functionalities that you wish to customize.

To have a unique Gojek Clone App launch in the market, ask your development team to provide you with different, advanced-level features for your business. Know how the features will benefit you and help you move ahead in the business race.

  • Step3: Placing the order

Once you have customized it, you place the final order. The final order is confirmed after the details are discussed and finalized with you.

  •  Step4: The White labeling process

The app development team will begin the white-labeling process. The entire process will take only 5 business days. Once the process is done, you will see have complete ownership of the app with the languages and currencies you wish to integrate.

This way the app is all set to launch in the Play Store/App Store.

  • Step5: Launching Gojek Clone App

Once you submit the server details with the team, it will upload the app to the stores.

  • Step 6: Support

The team provides support even after the purchase formalities are done. For a year the team will provide technical support, bug support, and upgrading.

The team will be present to answer your queries 24/7/365 days for a year ensuring that you have streamlined business operations.

 Cost Of Developing An App Like Gojek

The cost of developing the Gojek Clone App will vary from one company to another. Also, the location of the companies from the same countries will vary. However, the cost will vary on the following factors:

  • OS Platform
  • Technological stack
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • Customized features and so on.

Launching an MVP Gojek Clone can be beneficial in knowing the responses from the users. This way you can eventually start implementing the features and other modifications based on their preferences and choices.


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