Health is The Most Precious Gift, One Must Value It


Are you looking for the best psychologist in Multan? Then you should definitely check with the Spring Clinic. The clinic was recently opened in the vicinity and is fully devoted to treating the mental problems of the patients. It is one of its kind clinic in Multan. Spring clinics have a competent team of doctors. Every one of them has made their own names in the field and each of them is considered as the best psychologist in Multan

The clinic has helped a number of patients but it was not easy at all

Since the opening of the clinic, it has helped a number of patients. But this wasn’t easy, the biggest hurdle in front of the Spring Clinic was that people never thought of mental problems as a problem, and asking for medical help was an unimaginable thing for them. Spring Clinic had to educate people as well which it did in a great way. The spring clinic made people aware of the fact that mental illnesses exist and their treatment is very crucial for a better quality of life.

Today, the closeted people of the vicinity who were suffering from mental problems quietly, have the courage to speak out about their issues and that is no longer considered a weakness. For many such sufferers, spring clinic is a sigh of relief.

One of the best hospitals in Multan, MASH is backing the Spring Clinic 

Spring clinic is backed by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital MASH. MASH was established very recently and is one of the few tertiary health care units in Multan. The hospital is super equipped with all state-of-the-art medical facilities and machinery. The hospital has many departments working which facilitate the patients in their niche.

The administration of the hospital ensures that the most competent and renowned doctors practice in the facility. MASH has the most renowned psychologist in Multan, not only south Punjab if we rather say most renowned neurosurgeon in the world, would be the right thing. 

Who is a doctor not only a renowned neurosurgeon in South Punjab but the whole world? 

Well, the name of the doctor is Dr. Aneela Darbar, she is the most renowned neurosurgeon and the only Pakistani who has training in neurosurgery from the US. The doctor has also taught at University in Texas and Aga Khan medical college in Karachi.

Now, she is practicing at MASH and providing excellent services to the people of south Punjab. Very recently she has successfully performed an awake intra-axial brain tumor surgery for the first time in south Punjab which is a great milestone for MASH and the whole team. MASH is delivering the best quality medical services as promised. 

MASH is run by a Trust  

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust supports Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital. The Trust is putting great efforts into developing this southern part of Punjab. The Trust has also established a school in the vicinity for girls. The girls who never saw a blackboard before are having an education. The hospital also operates as a Trust and helps deserving people financially. This is greatly facilitating the people of south Punjab. Especially the women, as the hospital has a state-of-the-art gynecology department. 

MASH has stated of the art gynecology department

Along with having the best neurosurgeon in south Punjab and the world, MASH ensures that the best psychologist in Multan are practicing here. The state-of-the-art gynecology department at MASH has all the latest machinery and equipment which align with international standards. The location of MASH is very significant, it caters to a large population living not only in Multan but suburban areas around the city. The people living here are a bit conservative and a little underexposed, they have trouble trusting the doctors as they have been visiting the midwives.

The hospital also had to take the responsibility of educating people who are performing up in an outstanding way. Today many women visit the hospital for gynecological problems and trust the competent doctors practicing over there for the delivery of their babies. Since MASH is operating, there has been a massive fall down in the death rate of women and children while the birthing procedure is in the vicinity. This is a great achievement for a tertiary health care unit. Health is the most precious gift and one should value it the most and take care of it.


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