How to Convert PDF to SVG Vector Image (5 Best Ways)

pdf convert to svg

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is indicated as the most responsive image format for websites. SVGs used for different purposes related to your artwork. But, if you are in a situation where your file is saved in PDF and you want to keep it in SVG image format, then it’s time to get PDF to SVG converter online.

Don’t fret as we are going to discuss multiple ways to change PDF documents to SVG vector in batches, with or without Adobe Illustrator, and also using free converters.

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Convert PDF to SVG on Mac and Windows:

Now we define the easiest trick to convert a single or batch Adobe PDF to vector SVGs on your Mac or Windows with Pixillion.

Pixillion is referred to as the image converter that supports more than 50 types of images to over 20 popular formats. It allows you to perform conversions for input image format like jpeg, png, BMP, etc, raw images like arw, cr2, nef, etc, and different others including tga, djvu, heic, webp, ico, and more. And, when it comes to output image format, it comes with jpeg, png, pdf, gif, tga, tiff, etc.

Additionally, it lets you edit the images before conversions like rotate, flip, resize or watermark your images.

How to Convert PDF to SVG on Mac or Windows with Pixllion?

Pixllion work as the best PDF to SVG converter through which you could save PDF as SVG image vector. Let’s find the steps:

  • First of all, you need to grab the Pixllion Image Converter installer
  • Install it and then open it
  • Very next, you have to add all the Adobe PDF files to this app, here you can use its image reader to swiftly preview the PDF document first
  • Now, all you need to hover to effects, edit your PDF document (if essential)
  • Finally, it’s time to choose the output as SVG vector, click convert to turn PDF into SVG format

How to Convert PDF to SVG Vector with Adobe Illustrator?

  • Start by launching Adobe Illustrator on your device
  • Open your Adobe PDF document file in illustrator
  • You just have to Hover to File>Export>SVG
  • Finally, you require to make an instant click on Export to save PDF as SVG in Adobe

How to Change PDF to SVG Free without Adobe?

Inkscape is referred to as the best and free alternative to the Adobe Illustrator program to edit vector image files. It is an open-source program that works efficiently on Linux, Windows, and macOS. SVG vector is indicated as its main format, it can easily read PDF documents, which makes it a great PDF to SVG converter. Let’s find what you need to do!

  • Here you need to get a free copy of the Inkscape installer from the official website of Inkscape, install and then open it
  • Very next, you need to import PDF to Inkscape
  • It’s time to Hover to File>Save As
  • Finally, you need to choose SVG vector graphic format from the given output menu

Yes, is free and open-source that shows how to convert PDF to SVG online within a couple of steps. It provides an online PDF to SVG converter that swiftly converts single or multiple PDF files to SVG vector images while preserving the original layout.

How to turn PDF into SVG with theonlineconverter?

  • All you need to navigate to in your web-based browser and make a search for this converter
  • Upload PDF document files to the designated toolbox
  • Wait for PDF file uploading, once ready, click the Convert button
  • Finally, press the download Zip button to save PDF as SVGs to your device


CloudConvert is another popular site that comes with a free converter online to convert PDF documents to SVG vector files. It also supports a wide variety of formats including videos, audios, archives, documents, photos, and much more. you could now load a local PDF file, from URL, or files that stored in your cloud storage account such as (Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive)

How to Convert PDF to SVG with CloudConvert?

  • Simply navigate to cloudconvert/pdf-to-svg in your web browser
  • Now, you just ought to upload one or multiple PDFs to the toolbox
  • Vert next, you just need to make a click on the Settings icon to fine-tune settings for your SVG files
  • Click the convert button to simply turn PDF to SVG format online free

Thankfully, you explored different ways to convert PDF documents to vector SVG images without losing the quality. Stick any-one way to attain better outcomes for a particular document to vector conversion now. Good Luck!


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