How to Write a Literature Review – Step by Step Guide

How to Write a Literature Review - Step by Step Guide

The literature review is one of the most important dissertation chapters. It tells your professors the worth of your research. A literature review provides you with a number of supporting and encountering factors that help you proceed with your research and dissertation. It requires dense research and critical evaluation of the literary texts concerning the research topic.

It is so challenging the students to write a literature review. That is why most of the students look for online literature review help to with this difficult task. Though it is a good option to take online assistance as a student, you should know the purpose of a, Here is a detailed discussion in this regard.

Importance of Writing a Literature Review

Literature review plays a great role in the biggest research project of your academic career. It has a significant purpose that includes:

Getting Knowledge of the Existing Concepts

The main purpose of the literature is to know what the previous authors say regarding your research topic. By evaluating the literature, they come to know different, opinions and perspectives about a similar topic. This knowledge helps you proceed with your dissertation.

Studying the Conflicts and Debates Concerning the Topic

The literature review explores and extracts the conflicts and debates concerning your research topic. These debates are the contradictions between the opinions of different authors. In addition, these contradictory ideas help you understand the topic more clearly.

Finding Ideas to Present your Argument

The literature review gives ideas about how you should present your own argument. When you read and analyze different literary texts and case studies for your literature review, you come to know different styles of presenting.

Simple Guideline to Write a Literature Review

Writing a literature review is the lengthiest chapter of a dissertation that needs complete focus and consistency. Following is the steps-by-steps guide that will help you write a literature review in a well-organized manner.

Step#1 – Research Well

Thorough research is required to select the texts for your literature review. Consider the following points to carry out credible research.

Stay Relevant

Carry out the most relevant research. The literary texts that you select must be closely relevant to your dissertation topic.

Use Authentic Sources

Research from authentic sources. You may look for case studies and research papers published in scholarly journals. Further, if you are taking literature from another online source such as a website, must check its credibility.

Select the Renowned Authors

If you are selecting a book for the literature review, make sure that a renowned author, the books from unknown writers, writes it or anonymous literature may hold inaccurate or misleading information.

Step#2 – Determine the Approach

You must determine the approach of your literature review before starting writing your first draft.Need to follow a similar approach throughout your literature review. Can choose from four structural approaches.

Chronological Approach

To use this approach, you should preset the literature, the ideas, and the debates in a chronological way, which means you, need to focus on the era, dates, and address the texts accordingly.

Thematic Approach

An approach they be used when there are multiple common, themes in the literary texts you are going to evaluate. You can divide your literature into subsections to address the topic in the light of each theme if you are following a thematic approach.

Methodological Approach

If you have selected the different literary texts using different research methods then you may use the methodological approach to write the literature .

Theoretical Approach

This approach in scientific literature reviews. In this approach, the topic and the key concepts discussed in the texts in the light of relevant theories, models, and structures.

Step#3 – Write Introduction

Once you are done with research and deciding the approach, you can pick up the pen to write the introduction of your literature . The introduction must include:

Research Background or Context

Explain the background of your research. State what significance the selected literary texts hold and their relation with your research topic.

Your Main Idea

Describe your main idea or argument precisely and understandably. You do not need to give the details of the idea in the introduction, just give an outline to it.

Purpose of Literature Review

Mention the purpose of the literature review in its introduction. Explain how and what your literature review will contribute to the subject. State your aims and objectives.

Step#4 – Outline the Sources

Mention the sources that you have used and outline the texts that you are going to discuss. This section shows the worth of your literature and tells your professor how well researched and interesting our content is.

Step#5 – Evaluate the Texts

Here comes the main body of the literature . You may include several paragraphs but try to keep the paragraphs short and to the point. To evaluate the literary texts, proceed in the following manner.

Analyze and Interpret

Analyze and interpret the main ideas and concepts of each text respectively. It will help you frame all the perspectives in the most comprehensive way.

Compare and Contrast

Write the similarities and dissimilarities, the agreement, and the conflicts between the authors. Mark which ideas supports your argument. Give counter-arguments to the contradictions.

Address the Common Themes

Identify the common themes in the texts you are evaluating. Address the themes that are relevant to the topic and those that do not have any relation with your research, you do not have to mention them.

Discuss the Research Gap

The unanswered questions are termed the research gap. These are the questions that are according to you should be addressed, but the previous authors have raised or answered those questions in their literary works. You must discuss this research gap in your literature review.

Step#6 – Explain Your Argument

Coming towards the end of the literature review, restate your main argument and explain the relationship between your idea and the texts that you have evaluated.

Step#7 – Give Conclusion

In the conclusion of the literature review, summarize the whole discussion and share the results of the assessment of the literary texts.

Final Note

The above mentioned is a detailed account of how to write a literature review. Still, the students who have confusion or other genuine reasons due to which it is difficult for them to carry out this complicated task can get dissertation chapter help online. You must not compromise the quality of the content in your literature . Keenly edit and proofread your drafts several times to seal all the loopholes and make a perfect attempt towards success.


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