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white-label Grab clone

Singapore and Indonesia witnessed the rise of one technology company in June 2012. More than 10 years since its emergence in the market, Grab has ruled the hearts of Southeast Asian customers. It is the right example of a Super App. This is because the Grab platform has become the hub of numerous services like food delivery, financial services, and hospitality. Entrepreneurs who want to enter the on-demand economy now can do so with ease.  Wonder how? They can begin customized Grab clone app development.

How Grab strengthened its finances in the second quarter of 2021?

April to June this year was a bright period for Grab. The on-demand giant pocketed a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of $3.9 billion. Besides that, its revenue of ($180 million) grew by 132% when compared to 2020.

Grab has taken pole position in the on-demand services industry. Food delivery continues to be the main business for the popular platform. The number of monthly transacting users (MTU) increased by 28%. GrabSuperMarket is also steadily expanding in the Philippines at the moment. Dine-in with Grab is also in the pipeline as the Singapore-based Super App will start 10 kitchens by the end of this year.

While every business crashed amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Grab continues to expand its operations. The number of eateries associated with the Singapore-headquartered platform has doubled by 2 times in the last 3 months.

Grab platform’s entry into the Fintech space has been impressive. Customers can scan a QR code on GrabPay and process transactions in no time. Importantly, the number of merchants accepting GrabPay has increased by 3 times from April to June 2021.

Further, retailers receive benefits like the absence of subscription fees, access to daily reports, elimination of intermediaries, and quick processing of transactions.

Analyzing the importance of a white-label Grab clone

Want to save on budget? Yes, it is possible. Techpreneurs can partner with an app development company now and get hold of a pre-built Grab clone. It contains several features and functionalities similar to Grab. Is there a need to deploy an advanced tech stack? No, an app development company will have all the required functionalities and tools to set up a Grab platform.

Techpreneurs can also get ahead of their competitors quickly as the Grab clone can be deployed in just a few days. As a result, they can capture a strategic position in the market. Flexibility is another advantage as entrepreneurs can add their brand name and logo to the multi-services platform.

Explore the features as part of Grab clone app development

Business Dashboard – More revenue can be earned in a short duration by launching a Grab like platform. Digipreneurs can offer express delivery services, food dispatch, intermediary-free financial services, and real-time transport booking options to corporate enterprises. They can price them accordingly based on the location of the business firm and the type of needs.

Help Centre – Entrepreneurs can improve their customer retention rate by offering technical support services. Accordingly, users can resolve issues related to account recovery, data protection, privacy, refunds and replacements, and security. They can contact the Help Centre via email, live chat, and phone 24x7x365.

Integrated feedback system – Customers can post ratings for the purchased products and availed services. Owners of a Grab clone app can hire a team to go through these reviews and sort out issues faced by customers.

Rewards Panel – Discounts, offers, promo codes, and whatnot! Customers can book services affordably on an app like Grab. They will receive abundant rewards when they buy products or book services. Users must also follow terms and conditions (T&Cs) for availing of deals before a specific deadline.

Services Section – Currently, Grab is present across Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Likewise, customers will benefit from a variety of choices. They can opt for booking buses, cabs, and motorbikes, food and grocery delivery, and other financial services like borrowing, insurance, and processing of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

Partner Dashboard – Unquestionably, Grab is the leader in the digital economy. It has teamed up with delivery executives, drivers, and retailers across 8 countries. Therefore, the on-demand services giant has expanded its presence significantly in its target markets.

 What is the cost of Grab clone app development?

The budget of white-label Grab clone creation depends on multiple aspects. It relies on numerous factors like

  • Hourly rates paid to the mobile app developers and website designers.
  • Kind of basic features and functionalities.
  • Level of customization needed by entrepreneurs.
  • Time taken for establishing the Grab like platform.
  • Type of frameworks used for creating the front-end and back-end.

Are there any post-launch services for the Grab clone? Of course, yes. Entrepreneurs can use solutions like API integration, the addition of payment gateways, maintenance of the mobile apps, organizing online marketing campaigns, software upgrades, and technical support.

Wrapping Up

Grab has continued to overpower its competitors with its smart acquisition strategies. Post Gojek’s merger with Tokopedia in May 2021, Grab bought the business operations of the Indonesian e-commerce platform and increased its stake by 51% in OVO Wallet recently.

Further, the Southeast Asian nation’s digital economy will be around $124 billion by 2025. Grab will aim to consolidate its position in the market and defeat Gojek. Entrepreneurs can also succeed immensely now. Wonder how? They can commence Grab clone app development by associating with an app creation enterprise.


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