Online eCommerce Marketplace: A Companion or a Competitor?

Online e-Commerce Marketplace

Did you know that the online market giant that has been on the tip of the tongue, especially since after the pandemic outbreak, Amazon, claimed 41% of online retail sales back in 2018?

This percentage has not faced any downfall since then, pushing Amazon into a majority market share in retail sales since back then. Those are the figures which we cannot ignore at any cost.

As B2B e-commerce is evolving at an unpredictable pace and looking to imitate its clients’ B2C online store shopping experiences, e-marketplaces are also changing and expanding to target audiences, including B2C buyers as potential customers. Alibaba’s Aliexpress and Amazon’s Amazon Business are just two prominent examples of giant companies which are adjusting their business model for sellers and buyers as part of the new B2B marketplace trend.

Keep reading to get yourself acknowledged more about eCommerce marketplace.

Benefits of a Marketplace 

The benefits of a marketplace are as follow:

Customer Acquisition 

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing online marketplaces is that they can make it effortless to expand their customer base and fetch new clients. Moreover, marketplaces aid small businesses in reaching a broad range of customers who have not heard anything about the product.

Trust Factor 

Marketplace platforms also have the benefit of the trust factor. First-time buyers of a new brand feel more comfortable purchasing from the name they know and trust, such as Amazon or eBay, rather than purchasing from an unknown web store they have never heard about.

Brand and Competition Awareness 

Keyword research on the marketplace displays the goods and services your brand is offering in a list with other distributors and brands. This sort of high competition could be advantageous for modern age businesses, depending on how your brand ranks when it comes to customer reviews, pricing, and several other relevant factors.

What Can Web-Stores Do That E-Marketplace Can’t Do? 

Specialty Service 

Businesses ’ own branded web store permits them to offer personalized shopping experiences to potential customers and make them feel special. But, unfortunately, that is something a -one-size-fits-all such as Amazon is not equipped to deliver.

New Product Promotion

Businesses need to understand that a web store is not just a place where companies can only sell their products. Having a business’s own web store also means promoting and announcing new items to their heart’s content. On the flip side, it may actually be at a disadvantage when a business adds a new product to the marketplace. Why? Because marketplace shoppers majorly rely on customer reviews. Obviously, new products do not have customer reviews. This means that businesses ’ online competitors with similar items are more likely to win the customer’s purchase.

Increased Findability 

An optimized web store that permits the business to index in search engines appropriately helps potential customers to find the business’s products efficiently online. It also provides you control over where a business’s customers land when they click on the search result.

What Businesses Should Go For? 

To cut a long story short, the best possible way to achieve eCommerce marketplace success is to embrace an online approach that will allow businesses of this modern age to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. It’s high time for companies to use the marketplace to establish their presence and widen their market. They should create their web store so that their customers can leverage all of the personalized benefits that their e-commerce platform will offer.

Businesses should use web stores to personalize their B2B customer’s buying experience. They should make it easy for them to find what the customers are actually looking for. For example, trigger offers personalized discounts and promotions, facilitates repeat purchases, and makes your business stand out with an excellent delivery deal. At the same time, businesses should not disregard e-marketplaces. Although they probably compete with the business’s website to some extent. They are powerful opportunities for companies to expand their online B2B presence, engage casual or new buyers, and effortlessly set their products.

Hence, the e-commerce world probably seems daunting at first, but it is a voyage that is worth making. Your brand, your business, and your potential customers are counting on it.

Are you looking for a full-fledged eCommerce marketplace for your business? There is a product called INCARTO by ArhamSoft(Pvt) Ltd that has everything you should have in an eCommerce marketplace.

INCARTO by ArhamSoft(Pvt) Ltd

ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd develops and delivers best-in-class web solutions. They offer web design, development, and all of their promising marketing services with the Zen Approach. The company specializes in mentoring the digital presence of all sorts of businesses. They have delivered 1000+ projects. Furthermore, the company has worked with 600+ satisfied clients and 100+ companies. The company is the true symbol of quality work.

Following is the list of promising services that they offer to their clients: 

  • Mobile application development
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Mentioning their product called INCARTO, it is a complete e-commerce marketplace with a highly responsive user interface (UI) to develop a connection between sellers and buyers irrespective of the business scale. As a result, online vendors can boost their market pipelines and convert more visitors into customers with the help of this product. Not only this, but they can also improve ROI with this mobile-optimized, high-load, and enterprise-ready software solution.

The best thing about INCARTO is that it facilitates home-delivered product vendors to boost product sales and improve their online visibility with customized online stores using this progressive web application. Also, this product is available in the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

INCARTO offers the following set of compelling services:

  • Vendors management
  • Products management

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