Reliable Tools and Techniques That Computer Repair Stores Can Use

Closeup shot of male hands repairing parts in disassembled laptop using screwdriver and different tools on table in workshop

A frantic and agitated customer comes into your computer repair shop. And starts babbling out the problem with their computer.

“I had no idea what to do. My laptop broke down for the second time. The screen was blank with an error message stating “NTLDR is missing,” and nothing seemed to function. Before that, the battery wasn’t charging. I turned on my computer, but it only showed a black screen. And every time I tried to open any program or folder on the desktop screen, an error message would pop up saying, “Cannot find this file.” Can you please help me?”

With so many details being blurted out in a matter of seconds, it becomes hard to jot down all the details. As a result, you end up missing a lot of the details that are crucial to repair the device.

In such a situation, asking an already frantic customer to repeat themselves can make the customer angry. They might turn away thinking that you are being rude because you didn’t pay any attention to them.

Do you want that?

Obviously NO!

So, in such a situation, computer repair shop software comes in handy. You can quickly check in with the customer and note down the details with the help of a pre-repair device checklist.

Similarly, some services and tools can make your computer repair business the best in town.


Keep reading then.

Services To Offer In Your Computer Repair Shop

Customers always look for quality service. Therefore, you need to offer them the best services with utmost care and dedication.

Here are a few computer repair shop services that you can offer:

1. Hardware Repairs

This is the most common time of service that computer repair shops offer. So you need to join in on the trend. Ensure what you are offering is better than what your competitors offer both in terms of price and quality.

So offer to fix all structural issues, voltage spikes, power outages, problems with the external components (keyboards, mouse, and computer screens) at your computer repair shop.

2. Virus Removal

This is another standard service that you can offer your customers. Ensure to check for the viruses before removing them from their devices. This will ensure a malware-free device. Plus it will help you achieve a better customer satisfaction rate.

3. Data Recovery Services

This is essential for all computer repair shops. This helps the customers get back their lost data without any extra cost of hiring an outside data recovery company.

Data recovery requires trust. And once the customer starts trusting you, they will come back to your repair shop for future repairs as well.

4. Custom PC Building

Custom PC building is another service that you can offer to your customers and increase your revenue. Customers continuously seek ways of getting more for their money. So customizing a machine with the best parts available in the market will definitely get you good returns on investment (ROI).

This also helps them opt for high-end components, which boost the performance and longevity of the device.

5. PC Troubleshooting Services

Troubleshooting a computer is very different from fixing it completely. So many things come into play here. For instance, testing all components and checking for any hardware failure due to overvoltage or dust accumulation on the motherboard.

So you can offer troubleshooting services with each PC repair service through your repair shop software.

6. Maintenance Servicing

This is another unique service that you can offer to your customers. This helps them extend the life of their device and also reduces repair costs in the future.

For example, some computer components like hard drives need proper handling after a specific time frame. Otherwise they don’t function properly.  So this type of servicing will help avoid such problems and keep your customer’s device running in top condition.

7. Software Installation & Upgrade Services

Another standard computer repair service that you can offer to your customers is software installation and upgrades. Be it Windows, antivirus, office suites, or other software programs, you can install and upgrade them all in a few minutes.

All these services help you earn more profits from the same customer.

Tools To Have In The Computer Repair Shop

As a computer repair shop owner, you need to have all the necessary tools for installation and upgrading purposes.

So go ahead, buy these tools through your suppliers.

1. Toolbox

This is the most essential tool. Ensure to get a good quality toolbox. Store the tools that are not in use. Or use it as safe storage when transporting them from one place to another.

2. Screwdrivers

Every computer technician needs to have screwdrivers as it has multiple uses. At times screws on electronic gadgets come loose. So carry different screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes in your toolbox to ensure you can use them when required.

3. Compressed Air

Compressed air sprays also help clean the dust particles accumulated on hard drives, keyboards, computer screens, etc.

In addition, it helps device cooling systems function correctly by clearing out the hot air (from the device), which can damage the internal components of your devices.

4. Spare Parts

Keep spare parts like batteries, USB cables, etc., with you all the time. You can immediately use them if a complication arises and damages the part. Otherwise you will have to wait for your parts supplier to deliver it. Thus delaying the job.

5. Portable Surge Protector

It is essential to carry a portable surge protector with you to protect yourself and your devices from voltage spikes or power outages.

6. ATX Power Supply Tester

This device helps you check whether your power supply unit (PSU) is working correctly or not. You can also use CAT-IV Tester to ensure that the devices plugged into them are safe and won’t damage your machines due to overvoltage.

7. Multi-tester

This gadget checks voltage resistance and continuity to measure the PC’s motherboard’s power functions.

8. Cable testers

As the name implies, this tool allows you to repair a computer’s plug point or wiring. It will enable you to replace cables or fix damaged connections.

9. POST Card

When a wire is plugged into an explosion slot, there’s a chance of a short circuit. In that case, the POST card aids in determining the problem and preventing accidents resulting from a short circuit.


So these are some tools that computer repair stores can use. You need to have the best of them all in your shop. Once you have the basics in place, you can jump into services like troubleshooting internet connectivity problems, etc. It will help your customers and will allow you to earn more profits.


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