What Are Different Techniques For Customization Of T-Shirts?


According to the survey, more than 3 billion t-shirts are sold every year and most of them are printed. The demand for custom printed t-shirts is rising tremendously.

Well, there are so many different customization options are available in the market and you can choose anyone as per your preferences.

Before choosing any printing technique, you should understand all printing techniques in detail.  Let’s study the different printing techniques in detail in this article:

  1. Screen Printing

The screen printing technique is one of the most common and professional ways of printing on t-shirts. This printing method does also known as the silk screen printing technique.

The print created by this printing technique is vibrant, durable, and bright. You can use this printing technique for your t-shirt, hoodies, and various other kinds of apparel.

In the t shirt screen printing technique, a stencil is required for printing the designs. This stencil does hold at its place with the help of a screen that is mades up of nylon mesh. It is requires to put the screen on the top of the t-shirt.

After that, ink floodes on the screen. Ink starts passing through the wired mesh and stencil to print an alluring design on the t-shirt. Finally, it is required to remove ink in the shirt, your custom printed t-shirt is ready.

  1. Embroidery

Embroidery is not a printing technique, but this method of customizing a t-shirt is gaining popularity.  It is a conventional but amazing way of decorating a t-shirt.

This customization technique is best for corporate t-shirt and apparel. The embroidery technique is different from printing. In this method, the embroidery design does directly sown on the t-shirt with the help of the sewing machine.

  1. Vinyl Cut Printing

The vinyl cut printing is the method in which the vinyl sheets do cut according to the design with the help of a CAD cutter and plotter. These cuts designs do printed on the t-shirt with the help of the heat press machine.

This printing method is mostly uses for printing names and numbers on sports t-shirts. The vinyl cut printing can do done on a cotton t-shirt and dry-fit jersey.

The vinyl cut print works well for printing small graphics, slogans, and various other types of words.

  1. Sublimation Printing

The sublimation printing technique is the best to get an all-over print on the t-shirt. But this printing technique is good for a polyester t-shirt. With the help of the sublimation printing technique, the t-shirt can do converted into a piece of artwork.

Moreover, this printing technique is perfect for light colors only. With the sublimation printing technique, It requires to print the design on the heat transfer paper.

After that, the paper does place over the t-shirt, and a heat press is use to transfer the design to the t-shirt. When the heat is applies to the transfer paper and the t-shirt, the pores of the t-shirt start expanding and trap the sublimation ink inside the pores.

Once the t-shirt cools down, the pores will start contracting and the design will do formed. The biggest benefit of this printing technique is durable print design.

  1. Heat Press Printing

In the case of the heat press transfer printing, the design does transferred from one surface to another by using heat and pressure. The design is transfers from the heat press paper to the t-shirt with the help of a heat press fusing machine.

This printing technique does not just used for creating the design on the t-shirt, but also used for printing on ceramic, stickers, mugs, etc. It is a very simple printing technique and the designs can do directly transferred on the substrate.

  1. Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

The next printing technique which can do used for the customization of t-shit is the DTG method. This digital t-shirt printing is relatively a new method that was introduced in the year 2005. In this printing technique, the design does directly printed on the t-shirt.

In this printing technique, the DTG printer does used. This type of printer works in the same way as that the inkjet printer on paper. The biggest advantage of choosing this printing technique is that the designs are directly printed on the t-shirt.

With the help of these printing techniques, complex designs can do easily printed. The DTG printing is the result of the evolving technology and it helps in quickly completing the assigned printing tasks.

Final Words

There are so many techniques of customization that are helpful in creating customized t-shirts. Every technique is different and it has its own pros and cons. Every method is suitable for different occasions. Based on your needs and demands, you should choose the right technique.


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