What Are Different Ways To Wear Scarf Around Your Head

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Scarves are considered a winter accessory! But you can wear a scarf during the summertime to look fashionable. During the summer season, you can wear scarves on your head and walk with attitude. Want to learn different ways to wear a scarf on your head? You are in the right place because this article will tell you about the different ways to wear a hair scarf.

The scarf is the most fashionable accessory given to women. The headscarves can add a pop of color to your outfit and also help in improving your style. When you have a headscarf, then you do not need to wear any other accessories. Headscarves are very soft, comfortable, and very easy to wear. Headscarves are available in different variety of patterns, fabrics, and colors. The headscarves are traditional adornment that has gained the attention of designers. You can spot various celebrities, fashion lovers, stylists, and influencers wearing a headscarf.

Tips To Wear A Scarf On Your Head

Here, we have narrowed down top fashionable looks to wear a scarf. You can easily wear a scarf in these styles. Take a look at the following tips and learn various ways to wear a headscarf during the summer season:

Twist And Loop

It is a very simple and fuss-free technique to wear a headscarf. This style of wearing the headscarf will not just improve your style, but also help in holding your hair securely. In this style, your scarf will run from the nape of the neck to the front. You have to create a knot, twist, and loop at the top of the head. Always keep in mind that before starting this way to tie hair wrap scarf on the head, you should create a topknot of your hair.


It is another amazing technique to create the head wrap. You can easily style the scarf around your head in crisscross style. If you do not want too much volume on your head, then this criss-cross style is the best for you. In this style, you have to create a simple cross on the front side. You just need to cross the end of scarves in the opposite directions. After that, move them back to the original side.

Front Knot Or Bow

Feminine style This feminine style has become a rage on the runways.

Full Cover

Scarves can be easily replaced with thin shawls or complete head coverage during the hot summer days. In this style, you have to wear the scarf in such a way that your entire head will be covered and you will look stylish. If you want to do this style, then you need large size scarf that can wrap your head completely. All you need to do is place an open scarf on the head. Make sure that the length of the scarf is in line with the forehead. Pick the ends of the scarf in such a way that you create the criss-cross of them. Tuck the ends of the scarf and it is done. This style will look like a bandana. The good point of this style is it will have an added edge.

Tie Hair In Different Styles

  • Topknot

It is one of the very common hairs tie styles. This style will let you keep your scarf hair tie in the right place. Also, it will not make you look dishevelled by securing the hair locks tight. Once you complete the top-knot, you can easily wrap a scarf around it.

  • Loose Waves

Unruly waves are trendy. The loose waves hairstyle lets you easily embrace the beach look and let you look elegant and smart. This hairstyle goes will every scarf style. You can choose any kind and style of headscarf to wrap it around your head with loose hair.

  • Full or Half Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for those women who love to have beachy waves and the top of the hair pulled back. You can go with both a full or half ponytail and accessorize your hairstyle with the headscarf. If you want to do a full ponytail, then you should choose that headscarf styles which sit at the nape of the neck. On the other hand, if you want to go with a half-ponytail style, then you should wrap the scarf around your ponytail.


Hair scarves look fashionable and classy. All you need to do is look out for different ways to tie the hair scarf around the head. Use the above-mentioned tips to look stylish by using the headscarf.


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